Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Flower Issue

While I was in Valle walking through my garden I saw all this different kind of flowers, and I LOVE flowers because they give color to everything. I was very impressed about all the different kind of flowers there where that's why I took every one of them a picture and that's why I wanted to show them to you guys so I hope you like flowers too.


I See Green

So... First of all... what do you think about my new hair style??? I love it every day more!! Do you have some future plans about doing to your hair?? ja.

Now let me tell you that this week-end I spend it in Valle, a little green town out of the city. It is pretty beautiful because thanks to the rain it is very very green every where you look around so it's also pretty relaxing.

This outfit is very casual and I didn't put into it much of an effort because... I don't know I didn't have anything important to do and I had just planned to relax.

So this is it by now... I will be putting more effort to my outfits this week because I am returning to the city.

T-shirt: UrbanOutfitters
Boots, Purse, Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Stradivarius

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So... This is my first outfit posted in this fashion bog I just opened and I'm pretty happy about it. Just for you to know I don't have a definite style, I like wearing all kind of things and that's what you'll be seeing through this blog.

Now I'll tell about this outfit witch I LOVE because it's perfect for cool weather. I got this sweatshirt the other day and I love it, it is really cozy and cute!! And well it's pretty casual.

Today I'm pretty happy because I'm out of school!! FINALLY!! And also because I made something completely insane... I tinged my hair!! Well just the tips but it looks really awesome I could say I'm half redhead!! So keep up with the blog to see my new hair.