Thursday, December 22, 2011



Today I discovered the definition of: great day!! Simply because I got to spend all of it with two loved friends I haven't really been with since looong time ago. 
We went to this great place called Coyoacan; first we went to this kind a local market where one of my friends did herself a thread braid which I think it's great (love the neon yellow color and the feather in it) and afterwards we went to the "plaza" where we act silly and took pictures and we also made ourselves a TATTO,  but a "gena" one which I think is awesome (I LOVE SWALLOWS) and it will disapear in like 20 days ;)
I had such a great time hanging with them, and if S is reading this she has to know that I will miss her LIKE CRAZY!! I love you choc.

Well talking about my outfit... have you noticed this are the JEWELED DIY PUMPS I made?? the post about these is like 2 posts down. Hope you like the pictures!

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