Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY Miu Miu/Bonbon Jeweled Heels

While going through some other fashion blogs and MiuMiu seasons I discovered the jeweled heels. I think this two pictures show two diferent but great examples of this "trend" (the first one are from Bonbon and the second ones are from Miu Miu). 
I think these are great, and I saw this great DIY tutrial in the blog Honestly WTF, so I tried making one by myself..
Hope you like it.

So what you will need:
- a pair of high heeled shoes (pumps can work)
- different color and shape rhinestones
- any kind of glu (any strong one)

p.s. like this is an "experiment" the shoes I used are in really bad state sorry for that

I used two type of rhinestones; some flat back rhinestones and the others had like these metal "prongs" (I think thats how these are called) to stick them right in the heel without using the glue. In my recomendation the flat back ones are better.

So I started sticking and gluing into the heel/pump whatever the rhinestones...

and I repeted this step lots of times...

until all the heel/part area I wanted to cover was totally covered by rhinestones!!

This was the result!!!! I really like it so I will defenitely repeat it in a pair of new heels :)
Hope you guys like it!!

oh and sorry with the bad manicure :s

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