Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Trends

For this summer a great number of trends have caught my eye, the thing with "season trends" is that we can make them our own, another way of saying it is that we don't have to follow the trend exactly how magazines tell us to. So I have come up with some of my favorite trends, which I think are the ones that are more fresh and which I will be wearing my way in the next posts.

The first trend I want to point out is:

Cutoff Shorts

The cutoff shorts/ hot pants/ pretty short shorts, it's a big deal of a trend right? the thing is that this type of shorts are not very wearable for girls that live in big cities, like Mexico, they are too short. But we can always experiment and try some shorts not so short but with the same type of cut and high waste type. And for summer vacations they are perfect to take any place we go, just as they are, short and hot.

The second trend:


 This is what my mom would call a mix of seasons, the winter/autum knit and the spring/summer bottom, but the thing with this trend is that MIXING SEASONS IS PERMITED. You will never miss throwing over some shorts or skirt a knit, but be carefull with the knit you put on it has to be a pretty light one or you will feel like if you where in a stove.

And least but not last:


Even though dresses are obviously, always on trend, I wanted to show you some of the colors that are very in for this summer: starting with a palette of pretty brigh and bold colors, to a pastel colors palette and also a neon palette.

Now it's all about mixing and experimenting.

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