Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Are The Piece Of Me I Wish I Didn't Need


You can make every outfit better with a touch of color, neon in this case. We also have to remember that everything relies in the details and I must say that in this new denim jacket of mine we can find the best details ever.

I have to tell you that I was pretty special when it came to combining jewelry or metal items in my clothing or outfits, for example: if I had a golden ring I would never wore anything silver (yeah, I was that special and yes I am that kind of "control freak"). But now my mind has changed; I don't mind any more mixing gold and silver and it was all thanks to this denim jacket because it was not until after I bought it that I realized that it had the silver studs and the golden buttons and I actually I liked it and love it, YES, I am in love with this jacket.

And I am also in LOVE with my boyfriend who actually took these amazing pictures. <3>

so... remember: DETAILS!

Jacket: ZARA
Clutch: DIY by me

Oh I almost forget! I want to share with you this song that I can't stop listening to:

Photography: Patricio Lv

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