Friday, August 12, 2011

(READ) Memoria y Tolerancia

I will start from here, now, while I was downtown I went to this museum called "MEMORIA Y TOLERANCIA" I  really enjoyed it even though I cried because it talks about the holocaust and many other genocides that have been in our world and some that now a days exist.
This first picture is just to sow you the great view I had, awesome right?
Just wanna tell you that this are just some of the hundreds of pictures that captured my interest, just that this pictures thought me something :D.

 Ok I want you to notice the two publicity posters at the bottom of the picture (when Hitler had power he started expanding  his ideas in Germany starting with this publicity).
The poster in the left, red one, shows us all the characteristics that Hitler wanted to exterminate; black people, the earring it has is referring to gypsies, the red suit refers to communism, the pin with the star obviously means judaism, and you can notice he is playing the trumpet this refers to the prohibited music like jazz and blues.
Now the poster in the right is really cruel; Hitler said that people with especial deficiencies were some kind of load, so the poster shows that maintaining a person with a deficiency cost the same that maintaining a family of 5 members (Germany was in an economic crisis).

 Since the idea was to clean Germany the cleaned it in every aspect; the cultural aspect; the burned millions of books and art pieces (some very very important!!!)

The first metHod they had to kill the "unwanted" population was like the picture shows. It impressed me that they have a very methodic and planned way to do it!! PRETTY SAD!!

The final and "better" solution to exterminate the "unwanted" were the concentration camps.

To move the population from Germany to these camps they needed transport. This wagon is REAL and it was really creepy entering to it knowing so much people had suffered in there.

 This art piece next has a pretty wonderful meaning; it makes reference to all the tears dropped in this atrocities. There are almost 2 million "tears".

Now I'm gonna show you the quotes that I really loved and that are 100% true, we have to learn them in every way possible and never forget them!!

- "Tolerance is the peaceful relationship of our differences"

-"The power of our words" I think this is my favorite because it's really true, words have a really big influence in people and it depends if you use your word for good or for bad, we can see clearly the figures that give this example, in one side Hitler and Stalin and in the other side Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

-"We have learned to fly like birds and to swim like fishes, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers". Martin Luther King <3<3<3

 When I saw this picture I couldn't take y eyes of it, it is so shocking!! And so beautiful.

Well hope you like all these pictures and quotes and ofcourse all my writting :) if you have the chance to visit this museum do it!!

xx, Camila

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